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markbaldridge.com is a simple little blog created to detail my projects and ideas. What sorts of things are mostly here? Well, lots of science for one. But there's airplanes, and pinball, and little bits of programming and computers. Feel free to browse! There's lots of fun stuff.
  • FPV Capture

    $100 Budget FPV System

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  • Pixie Flame - Finished

    Super Light Yak-54 RC Model

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  • 2014-01-10 10.32.51_cropped

    DIY FPV Video Helmet/Goggles

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  • Foam Board - Featured Image

    Dollar Tree Foam Board – Half the weight is the paper!

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  • Rubber Band - Alternative Flashlight

    Alternative Energy Flashlight – A Goofy Little Project

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  • $100 Laptop - Video Grab

    A $100 School Laptop

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  • Notice the awesome contour-cut vinyl.

    Current Status

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  • A Nibble of C

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  • 100_9728

    Playfield Progress!

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