Ack!! Run!!! It’s a Pinball Skeleton!! I now have a skinless, gutless, legless pinball machine. This is where my build really starts taking shape. I have yet to mount the backbox on the cabinet, but that’s on it’s way. It’s supposed to either pivot down and fold up, or be dis-connectable and it’ll pop up, out of the main cabinet.

I took the cabinet appart, sanded it, and put it back together again, this time with glue. Much more perminant.

The cabinet after being glued.

Wood putty really helped fill in some of the cracks, and give the cabinet a solid manufactured feel.

Wood putty rocks.

I used a compressed-air sprayer to prime the wood. It actually took two coats with a hefty sanding in between. But it’s looking pretty good now!

I didn’t need to paint all the way inside.

So that’s it thus far. I’m picking out the shade of green I want for the cabinet, and then I’ll probably paint it next week. Check back soon!

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